Legal Notices

In this section, you can write/modify your legal notices.

Legal notices are essential for the visitors of your website as they allow them to identify the author of the website's content.

When drafting your legal notices, you must specify the following:

  • the identity of the publisher, the name of your hosting provider, the publishing director of your website, as well as their contact information;
  • whether you collect personal data from your users or not;
  • the cookies you use;
  • the contact information of the Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Don't worry if you need to learn how to draft your legal notices; many free online generators generate legal notice templates.

Where do legal notices appear?

The legal notices of your website simply appear at the bottom of your site.

Is it mandatory to display legal notices on your site?

Legal notices may be optional in some countries. We invite you to inquire. However, legal notices are mandatory in France regardless of the activity.

We must inform you that WebSelf is not responsible for non-compliance with this law.


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